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New Laptops & PC´s


Never judge a computer by its price tag...

Buying a new computer usualy involves a whole bunch of stress, along with not really knowing the difference between your RAMs and your ROMs, your MEGABITS and your GIGABYTES, should it have a dual-layer dvd? Do I really need one? And what about the processor type? Afterall, its the processor that is going to do the majority of the work for you but how do you know which one YOU need?

If you needed a new car tomorrow would you head straight to the super-car showroom?...

See it this way...if you dont go driving very often, don´t like to drive very fast, and don´t go very far when you do, then surely a fast super-sports car would be a little pointless.  Then why do the same when it comes to buying a new computer?  Its not like your friends will even know how good it is just by looking at it anyway !  So why ?

We believe in fitting the right computer to the right person...a computer that will not let you down, will not keep you waiting, will not need replacing within a few years, but at the same time will not be capable of running a small country on its own or need a mortgage to afford it.


New Laptops and PC´s Currently on offer...

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