In-Store Product List

  • PC Hardware
  • New Laptops
  • USB Pendrives
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Keyboards/Mice
  • Webcams
  • Speakers/Sound
  • Pre-Paid Phone Cards

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New Laptops & PC´s


From bits to bytes and everything in-between, whatever you need to get your computer back up and running as fast as possible...

Whether your graphics card needs changing, DVD player has given up the ghost, or you´re finaly tempted into that upgrade you´ve been promising yourself for ages, we have access to every type of computer component and accessory that you may need.

Looking to buy a new PC or laptop?
We can advise you on the perfect machine to suit your needs perfectly, after all, if you only want to keep in touch with family and friend and surf the web then a super-computer capable of running a small country is quite pointless.

As always, our advise is given totally free and with your best interests in mind.  All you need to do is call in to our shop and enquire about our latest offers, we´ll take it from there.

There really isn´t much that we can´t get our hands on, but typically our computer supplies include:-




  • New laptops & desktop PC´s
  • LCD monitors and TV´s
  • Laptop replacement keyboards
  • Laptop replacement lcd screens
  • RAM memory
  • Sound systems
  • Webcams
  • External Hard drives
  • Power Supply units